Practice With AI

Empower Your Career Journey:
AI-Driven Resume Analysis, Job Matching, and Personalised Mock Interviews.


AI-powered Resume Analysis

Utilizes GPT technology to provide personalized feedback and suggestions for improving users' resumes.

Analyse How Well Resume Matches the Job Posting

Allows users to post job postings themselves. The platform compares resumes and job postings with GPT technology to determine suitable matches based on users' skills and experiences.

AI-driven Mock Interviews

Simulates interviews with customized questions that take into account the user's resume and job posting. Offers personalized constructive feedback to improve interview skills.

STAR Stories Analysis & Suggestions

Review and improve your STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) stories with our AI-driven suggestions. Enhance your interview performance by presenting the most relevant stories.

Interview Round Preparation

Get ready for different interview rounds with tailored preparation material and guidance based on the specific job and company.

Automatic Company Information Retrieval

Our platform automatically gathers information about the company, such as company values and common interview questions, to help users better prepare for their interviews.